Discover the new ELIET Maestro e-power

The first battery-operated

ELIET has been taking care of the beauty of nature for more than 38 years. ELIET also innovated in the fight against global warming in 2006 with its EcoEye™ technology to significantly reduce emissions from its professional combustion engine chippers. ELIET is now going one step further and is launching its popular Maestro model in a fully battery-powered e-power version, the first one on the market. Garden enthusiasts can now also use emission-free circular gardening.

Carefree shredding tailored to your garden

Under the hood of the Maestro e-power you can find a powerful 3.2 kW brushless direct current (DC) motor of 56V. This is a maintenance-free electric motor that is known for its high efficiency and maximum torque that is always available in a wide speed range. During shredding, the power can be used much more efficiently than with a classic combustion engine. The DC motor draws its energy from no less than two EGO Lithium-ion batteries. These are interchangeable batteries whose capacity you can choose according to the intensity of the desired use. In the wide EGO range, you will always find the battery with the appropriate autonomy.

Powered by the unique ELIET shredding system

The ELIET shredding system™

The Maestro uses the ELIET Chopping Principle™. This is a special and unique chipping system that uses the weakness in the natural structure of wood to cut it more efficiently. Wood and plants are composed of fibers that run in the longitudinal direction of the branch. The bond between these fibers is not that great. By cutting these fiber strands precisely in this longitudinal direction, a lot less force is required. You can experience this effect when you split a wood block with an axe. The well thought-out arrangement of the blades ensures that the green waste that slides into the shredding chamber trough the funnel is split and cut across the full width. Eventually the chips rotate a few more rounds in the shredding chamber, where they are further cut until they are small enough to fall into the collection bag through the openings in the calibration sieve.

BioTech™ chips

The ELIET Maestro shreds any kind of trimmings with no less than 43000 chopping movements/min. The BioTech™ chips that are produced are not only fine, but also intensely bruised and frayed. This property makes it particularly favorable for microorganisms to break down the chippings quickly. In addition to the wood fraction, leafy greens are also finely chopped which creates an airy chipper mixture with the right moisture content. Thus, BioTech™ Chips contribute to a better functioning of your composting system.

Variety of pruning waste

A wide variety of green waste is created during garden maintenance: wilted flowers, weeds, hedge clippings, conifer trimmings, branches, ivy, reed-like plants, leaves... The investment in a shredder only really pays off if it can process all green waste. Thanks to its special shredding system, the ELIET Maestro can indiscriminately shred thick branches, but also fine but voluminous pruning waste from e.g. pick up hedges and shrubs without any problem. Leafy green waste from the flower borders or the kitchen garden can also be processed together. The leaves collected in the autumn can also be shredded! If you only want to shred such moisture-containing greenery, ELIET recommends replacing the standard calibration sieve with an optional “sieve for leaves and moist products” (Art. code MA 001 052 001) to prevent possible clogging.

Choose your ideal shredding mode

The final goal for which one buys a shredder is to recycle and usefully reuse the never-ending stream of green waste that you as a gardener have to deal with every week. The BioTech™ chips are particularly popular with gardeners in two applications: as basic material for compost production or as a mulch layer in flowerbeds.


You can adjust the chipping characteristics of the Maestro e-power to fine-tune the properties of the BioTech™ chips to their final use. There are two modes available for this purpose, ECO and TURBO mode

ECO mode for a mulch layer

Chips being used to create a mulch layer in flowerbeds dont have to be thin. Set the shredder to ECO mode, the machine works with a lower chopping speed (36000 chopping movements/min). The motor is therefore somewhat more economical in power consumption, which benefits the autonomy of the battery. Chips can also be used as a mulch layer in flowerbeds or under shrubs. A layer of 5 cm chips ensures that weed seeds barely have a chance to germinate. This makes keeping public gardens weed-free manageable without the use of herbicides. A layer of chips also forms a moisture-regulating and insulating blanket. In the absence of rain, the mulch layer keeps the soil moist for longer. In case of heavy rainfall, the mulch layer will act as a buffer to retain part of the water and thus prevent the soil from being washed out.

TURBO mode for compost

When you switch the motor to TURBO mode, the blades will cut at maximum speed (43000 chopping movements/min). The shredder now reaches its maximum performance and delivers the smallest and fastest compostable chips. This way you immediately create a homogeneous mixture of fine chips, which is the perfect basis for an optimally functioning compost system. Natuarally, the device is slightly more greedy with its power consumption, so that the batteries are being used more. Compost is often called the black gold of the garden, because it has such a wealth of properties that can enhance the natural beauty of a garden: soil conditioner, weed inhibitor, moisture regulator, slow-acting fertilizer… a number of rules of thumb are essential: Ensure a good balance between chlorophyll and woody material, ensure an airy structure (oxygen supply), maintain the humidity level. Thanks to the mixture of fine BioTech™ chips produced by the ELIET Maestro, you immediately create the perfect base material for an optimal compost system.

Ecology and economy go hand in hand

The battery drive has the same power as a gasoline engine without its drawbacks.

  • No gasoline consumption

  • No emission

  • Minimum sound pressure

  • No extension cord

  • Low energy cost

  • Minimal maintenance

Polyvalent batteries

The DC motor gets its energy from two EGO Lithium-ion batteries. The universal battery seat allows all types of plug-in EGO batteries to be used. EGO has a wide range of as many as 6 different battery strengths. To simplify the choice, ELIET recommends two batteries:


45 min. autonomy

These are lightweight batteries with good autonomy on the shredder. In addition, they are ideal for dual use on all handheld EGO machines. These batteries are quick rechargeable.


90 min. autonomy

These are powerful batteries with double autonomy that allow you to get maximum power and performance from your shredder.

Applicable to
the EGO gamma

Maestro e-power batteries can be used on a complementary range of of EGO machines, e.g. hedge trimmer, tree saw, leaf blower, trimmer

Discover the EGO gamma

Additional features of the Maestro e-power

Stores and transports compactly

To easily transport the Maestro in the trunk of a vehicle, the feed hopper can be completely removed. This is done in no time and requires no tools. This feature is also particularly useful for storing the machine as compactly as possible in the garage or a storage shed after work.

Low-noise shredding

Due to the method of cutting, the noise of the shredding system is already naturally reduced. In addition, the double-walled composite shredding chamber wall also dampens the drumming effect of the shreds. The rubber damping ring in the support bearing also ensures that vibrations created during shredding can not radiate onto the housing. This provides the Maestro e-power with a very favorable sound characteristic.


Security above anything else. The Maestro masterfully reconciles ease of use and safety. A double anti-projection guard prevents chips from flying back toward the operator through the hopper. The collection bag completely shields the discharge area and avoids splashing chips as well. A safety switch on the collection bag and on the hopper ensures that the motor stops as soon as either is removed.

Clean work/h2>

The Maestro Country e-power features a large collection bag with 80 L capacity, which is the capacity of a full wheelbarrow. It is made of sturdy textile with a hard plastic bottom. The bag slides seamlessly into the frame and ensures that all chips are neatly collected in it, thus keeping the environment around the shredder clean. Thanks to a wide handle, a collection bag full of shreds still remains easy to handle.

Convenience of transportation

The Maestro rides smoothly to the farthest corner of the garden. Two large pneumatic tires provide low rolling resistance and get smoothly over steps and small bumps. The hopper has two large handles for stable steering of the chipper. The machine's tubular frame also offers several grip options for carrying the Maestro up a flight of stairs if necessary.


Maximum branch diameter

45 mm

Number of chopping movements/minute

36000 in ECO mode
43000 in TURBO mode


14 wheelbarrow/hour



Calibration sieve

holes 20 x 20 mm

Volume collection bag

80 liter

Input height

1200 mm


350 x 250 mm

Shredd settings

Eco mode optimize autonomy
Turbo modus optimize shredder quality

Wheels (Ø x B / type)

250 x 75 mm/rubber tire

Dimensions (L x B x H)

1360 x 650 x 1400 mm

Storage dimensions (L x B x H)

740 x 650 x 1050 mm


61 kg (without batteries)


Calibration sieve for
moist products

Engine power

3.2 kW



Battery voltage

56V (DC)

Battery compartments